Private and Interactive Neighborhood Web Sites for Sponsors, HOA and Condo Associations

Be THE Sponsor of an Existing Neighbors101 Neighborhood Site

If we are advertising for Sponsorship on your local Neighbors101 Neighborhood site then an opportunity exists for a single Sponsor to to promote themselves.

You may be eligible! Complete the form below to apply.

Sponsoring an existing Neighbors101 site brings many benefits:

  1. Exclusive access to an exclusive channel of communications: The site has already been established by a Home Owner Association or similar - so it will already be full of content and already part of the local neighborhood.
  2. Your name and sponsorship message included at the foot of all automated emails that go our from the web site
  3. Sponsorship is exclusive: There is only one sponsor per site.
  4. Build Name Recognition: We provide you with the following content areas -
    • Logo / banner at the top right hand side of every page. This is a 150 by 85 pixels (max) area which is used for your logo and message.
    • Sponsors Menu Item is inserted into the main menu and this leads to a Sponsors Page which is entire page where the Sponsor can promote themselves. This page can include any photos, graphics, text or links.

Note: Your role will be that of Advertiser on the site. If you do not own the site then you have no editorial input to the site.

The Terms and Conditions for Sponsorship are as follows

  • You must apply to be a Sponsor.
  • You application will be vetted by Neighbors101 and must be approved by the current owners of the Neighborhood site.
  • You must provide a sponsorship graphic to us for use in the header that is no larger than 150 by 85 pixels wide. This may vary depending on the specific site.
  • You must provide content for your Sponsors page - this can be any text, graphics, photos or links.
  • You agree to be a Sponsor for 12 months at a time.

The price of Sponsorship is as follows:

Sponsor an Existing Site

  Set Up $ 192
  Monthly Sponsorship Fee $ 65 / mo
  Optional 12 month payment
(includes Set Up and 12 months Sponsorship fees)
$ 830

The Set Up fee covers the costs of embedding your specific details into the existing neighborhood web site and setting up your sponsors page and the header graphic.

The monthly fee is a month to month advertising fee.

Apply Now

Complete this form to apply for Sponsorship
Your Name:
Your Profession
URL of site you wish to Sponsor
Press SUBMIT to request Sponsorship. We will be contact you as soon as possible.




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