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Making your Neighborhood site a success!

Creating the Neighborhood web site is step one.

But how do you make it successful?

The first part of marketing is a successful pre-launch, followed by a full launch and on-going promotion. The pre-launch is a great opportunity to get the message out and to invite other residents to join the committee / team to run the site.

When your site is built, you can then launch it.S

The real benefit of a Neighbors101 PRIVATE site is that residents only have to visit the site ONCE, and they are registered. This means that regardless of whether they are just passive browsers who review the site every now and then, or active contributors, you have their email address and they will receive newsletters, and automated updates - ensuring your sponsorship gains maximum exposure and you receive a return on your investment.

We show examples of marketing programs below that will help you launch and promote your site with minimal effort.

Every client has access to our Marketing Library. This contains a sample Marketing / Launch Plan, and sample design and promotion ideas.

Launch and Marketing Ideas

Based on the Graphical themes of your site, you shouldtake that theme and translate it into professional and great looking marketing materials for you to use to get the message out about the new neighborhood site!

Here is a list of examples of what others have done!

Door hangers
Launch Program
Plus designs for Stationary, Business Cards, For Sale Signs.
Promotional Baby Gear
Promotional Clothing
Promotional Gifts
License Plates