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Neighborhood web sites - Why Choose Us?

Would you choose to invest in a neighborhood web site that hardly gets used by Residents and doesn't help you with your relationship building goals?

Choose a neighborhood web site that gets used by residents and one that automatically collects email addresses, if you want to achieve a return on your investment.

These are the 3 main benefits of our Neighborhood sites for Sponsors:

  1. Save money, time and effort by having exclusive access to all residents emails for your communications (privacy makes registration mandatory).
  2. Build name recognition, awareness and credibility (as the site is used your name recognition increases).
  3. Use this neighborhood site as your marketing tool allowing you to personally engage and build relationships with residents (now you can discuss this high value resource)

Our experience and feedback from many focus groups with Residents, has enabled us to create neighborhood web sites that are focused on the needs of the residents. This is what makes our solutions different - they are there to be used by residents.

Your investment in a Neighbors101 neighborhood web site aims to provide you with a viable solution to your farming or association needs.

Comparison Neighbors101 Others
Password Protected and Private Yes ??
Makes collection of resident emails easy Yes ??
Interactive, compelling tools for Residents Yes ??
Full Real Estate suite for realty information and lead generation Yes ??
Residents involved and using the site Yes ??
Custom Built* Yes ??
Configured Header and Branding Yes (optional) ??
Flexibility to grow or change in future Yes ??
You have full control of sponsorship and advertising in your web site Yes ??
Marketing Program Support Yes ??
Choose and own your own domain name Yes ??
Client on-line Community web site, for ideas exchange Yes ??
Virtual Assistant, if needed Yes ??
Month to month contract Yes ??


* Each Neighborhood web site is created separately and is therefore custom created. The design of each site is based on a standard template and our pricing reflects this.